Sunday, September 14, 2008

Profile and Background

Ship Building Industry,Repair,Marine Contractor,
Structure and Pipping

PT.Sintai Industri Shipyard (SIS) established on 28 september 1995 in Tanjung Uncang, Batam (Indonesia) with covering total area of 7.72 hectare and work shop size: High 12 meter x breath 24 meter x length 60 meter,wharf size: Breath 16 meter x length 8 meter (water tide: low tide 3-4 meter is a large scale state-owned enterprise,PT.Sintai Industri Shipyard is an entity with state authorization for Investment and capital management; it is directly linked to the central government.
Through thigh process our company has been running more than ten years and has created some product and keep cooperate with our client.Our global experieces in ship builder ship repair (weld connector pipe,fabrication sub sea drill equipment on and offshoreoil and gas under supervision by drill quip Asia Pacific PTe,Ltd.etc.
PT.Sintai Industri Shipyard has develop in main product of building ship and fabrication of drill equipments, penta oil,crane barge and also area innovation,quality and realibility by using shipbuilding technologies,PT.Sintai Industri Shipyard has stregth in developing shipyard fabrication.

Product Facilities and Services


1.Ship Building
  • Modification of accomodation ship type AWB Labuan 230
  • Building Penta Oil Front Line
  • Building Barge 210 feet Finishing Barge 230 feet

2. Pipping Work
  • Buiding foundation of drill oil
  • Building pipping for offshore

3. Repair Project
Type of supplier Osa London experiencing repair in location of PT. Sintai Industri Shipyard Batam



  • Jetty of PT.Sintai Industri Shipyard location provide for mooring Vessel

2.Land Rental
  • Large area facilities possible for land rental use building/repair ship

  • Large workshop available for work in proggress

Developing Area

We provide facility such as ship way,floating dock to prevent difficultness for tongkang and vessel which will be docking in our area.

Project List

1. Project in progress:
  • Barge 300 feet
  • Tug Boat 2x1500 Hp
  • Self propeller oil barge 2000 DWT
  • Bulk Carrier/vessel
2. Successfull Project:
  • Penta Oil
  • Oil Dragger
  • Crane Barge-230 feet
  • Accomodation Barge
  • Labuhan
  • Paradigma
  • Bechtel